An Insight into the Concept Of Satta Matka Guessing In India

There are plenty of people skeptical about casino gambling, but despite this apprehension, the trade has flourished for centuries. It is prevalent all around the world and even here in India, it has been flourishing since the independence era. The only difference is that today in India, the concept is known by a completely different name. The modern name for casino gambling in India is Satta, but there have been transformations all along the way. As you speak to old-timers in the Indian gambling industry they will tell you about a term called Ankur Jugar. This was casino gambling in its oldest form in India and the game was played just after independence. It was about guessing the prices of cotton in the Bombay and New York stock exchanges.

How did it change into Satta Matka?

Now, as we see the industry today the term Satta is immensely popular and one could be eager to know about the change. When and how did it all change? It happened so that sometime in 1960, the New York stock exchanges halted cotton trades and that threw the Indian gambling industry into disarray. We would like to say that in those days the Indian gambling industry was primarily unorganized. It was at that time the change took place and the modern version of Satta Matka came into existence. It is a number guessing game and vastly different from having to guess the prices of volatile cotton trades. The transformation into guessing numbers has been better from the industry perspective.

Can I participate in the game legally?

This could always be your question because the general perception is that the Satta game is illegal. There are at times news reports of raids being conducted at the Satta Matka premises and hence such fear arises. We would like to say that not all of these games are illegal. The laws regarding the physical Satta Matka are confusing in this country. In some states, it is legal while in other states, the authorities are yet to grant any form of legal status. You could be in two minds and not aware of what the law says in your place. The suggestion, which we would like to offer, is the online Satta Matka and that is legal in every part of India. There is no one to say a word if you resort to participating in the games online.

What is required for online participation?

This is a form of Satta guessing, which is devoid of travel, but one will have to make an alternative arrangement. You will need some net connection and that could be through a desktop, laptop or even mobile devices.  This is how you can reach out to websites, which offer the Satta Matka guesses. There is also a need to register with these websites. One must select a reliable website and complete the registration formalities. One could also check out the rules and regulations related to the number guessing game. Once you have had a grasp of these issues, one can participate in the Satta Matka guessing.