How To Date Women

To have a full dating life you really need to master how to date women with success. To be a real man, a test of his masculinity is to have a lot of women in your life.

What that means is that you have a consistent flow of women to date on a weekly basis.

So, you have to have the fundamentals down so that you can date women whenever you want.

In you dating life you have to have these elements in place and to also have them mastered: you have to understand them too.

-Go out to clubs, parties, bars, speed dating events, art shows and the like on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to harvest dates.

-Use the socially dead days of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and especially Wednesday to actually have your dates.

-Set a time after 5pm to call the numbers: you have to put this whole process on an assembly line situation as a lot of this is a numbers game (until your skills get better).

-Make sure that you diversify the channels by which you game girls. คลิปโป๊

Let look at this more closely. Like in investing for retirement or stocks, the wisdom is to put some of your money in bonds, stocks, and real-estate.

As well, for you, this is true.

Save yourself a lot of heartache by not just depending on what’s called a “cold approach.”

You’re better off focusing on internet game or going to speed dating events. To be honest with you, it’s just not practical to go up to a ton of women and ask them for a date.

Sometimes it’s a goldmine for good looking guys, but for the rest of us mortals, it will be hard.

You just need to do this:

-Do speed dating. From speed dating alone, you will get a lot of dates.

-Do a lot of online dating. You can get a lot of dates from online if you do it right.

-Put a lot of effort and develop a social circle and just get invited to social events. At these social events, there are always single women.

-Join a yoga group at a specific time, and go 15 minutes early to class. You will get a lot of dates going to yoga class.

-Go take some night classes at the community colleges. Take art appreciation class, or even a dancing class. Hot women aboud in those situations.