Improve Your Fitness With A Simple Three Step Office Work Out Plan

Improving your overall fitness doesn’t have to be either expensive or time-consuming. The  오피 0ffice Workout is simple, effective, produces results, and you don’t have to work at an office to give it a go.

The first step toward the newer, fitter you is exactly that, a first step. If you can walk to work, do it. You will need shoes that are comfortable to walk in and that’s all. Walk briskly. If you haven’t done much exercise before this, choose a path that is relatively flat and easy to manage. Once you can reach your office desk and still breathe easy, step it up. Choose a path that has a hill in it. If you’ve got time, and the inclination, leave earlier and choose a longer path. Repeat all this for the trip home. Even with a simple 15-min walk, that’s 30 minutes per day more exercise than you were getting previously.

Step Two is equally easy and doesn’t require you to change shoes. Walk to other offices instead of making telephone calls or sending emails, walk upstairs [if you have an upstairs] a couple of times a day. Tackle the stairs sedately at first and as soon as you feel ready, jog up. Do be careful on the way down though.

The plan doesn’t get any more difficult than this.

Step Three is to use break-times for an opportunity to go for a walk, get some fresh air if you can, stretch your muscles. A short walk around the building helps and this one doesn’t have to be done at full speed. Plan a longer walk for your lunch-break. It can be a well-laid out plan of as much brisk walking as you can fit in or simply choose to purchase your lunch at a cafe further afield than usual. If you take your own lunch, find a park – not the closest one – and enjoy being outside.

You will start to notice increased fitness within a couple of weeks. With increased fitness comes increased energy, enabling you to extend your Three Step Office Work Out Plan to the Three Step Home Work Out Plan. And all without handing over wads of money in gym memberships, expensive shoes and gymwear.