The Angel Company – A Review of the Scrapbooking Business Opportunity

What does it take to become an angel? Creativity, artistic flair and the skills to make money out of your imagination! The Angel Company offers its reps the opportunity to pursue their hobby as a craftsperson and earn money out of these crafts. Mischelle Smith, the founder of The Angel Company was a demonstrator for another direct selling company that dealt with rubber stamping. She started The Angel Company in 1997 at Salina, Kansas to offer buyers the opportunity to earn profits from the stamps they purchased apart from keeping them for personal use.


The Company started with rubber stamps, and then diversified to distribute scrapbooks, paper crafters and exclusive papers. The scrapbook business was launched at a time when scrapbooking was the in thing to do. This product was well received by customers. However, these products are not available in shops. You’d need to buy from a distributor or host a party or a funshop as TAC calls it where you could get the products at a discounted rate.

Angel introduced unmounted stamping system in 1999 and further innovated to offer the Creative Cling system that’s widely used now. The business has grown to reach 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii and various US military bases worldwide.

Let’s see what the advantages are of being an Angel distributor apart from the obvious advantage of being called an “Angel”. We shall also discuss the challenges involved and the feasibility of this business opportunity.

Advantages Of Being With The Angel Company –

o The products of TAC offer a refreshing change from the routine electronic cards we send or receive. Using personalized rubber stamps and designing scrap books with care give a special touch to gifts and is sure to be accepted by lots of people; especially creative minded people who like to design their own gifts.

o Funshop hostesses get a fifty percent discount on the products. The starter kit costs around $150 while the retail cost of the products in $300.

o Commissions are decent; ranging between 21% and 30% on sales and up to 6.5% on downline sales. Distributors also get a rebate of up to 30% on products they want to buy. 1818 angel number

o TAC offers training and support through Wing Workshops organized by existing demonstrators.

Disadvantages –

o This is the kind of product that could be sold only to people who are really interested. People who have busy lifestyles won’t have much time for creativity and it’d be useless to try to sell to them. The products are also not going to have much of an effect on people who’d rather send an electronic card than take efforts to create a card by themselves.

o Though the commission rate is high, income potential’s quite low because product costs are low.

o You’d have to spend time and money to host parties.

o The company focuses entirely on selling through funshops or selling to people you know and bringing them into the business. This is not likely to fetch much income because your sales volume is limited to the number of contacts you have.


The Angel Company is virtually unknown; you wouldn’t have heard about the company until an angel visited you. Use this to your advantage and earn money as an angel distributor by marketing your products. Spread the word about Angel through the internet and get interested people to contact you. You need to find people interested in personalized gifts and creative people to sell your products to.

Advertise online using the various tools of the internet, get in touch with interested customers and get them to place orders. This way, you wouldn’t have to disturb your friends or host parties. The vast reach of the internet is sure to fetch you plenty of leads, provided you know how to market your products effectively.